Effective Ways to Get Geese Off Your Property


by Terra Anders

Many landowners spend a good deal of time and energy on bird prevention or removal. Geese, for example, are very social creatures and can commonly be found hanging out with their family and friends at docks, golf courses, park areas, wetlands, marshes, or residential lakeside homes. They are also prolific breeders, so even a small manageable group of geese can become a whole gaggle in a few short years. These birds are notoriously messy, leaving unsightly and unsanitary fecal droppings all over. In addition to introducing possible parasites and disease, the feces can be difficult to remove and eats away at the protective coatings on vehicles, boats, decks and buildings. This can result in a real problem for property owners and sends them seeking effective goose deterrents.

If geese have already settled in to stay on your property, they can be motivated to leave by making the grazing area less palatable. Large grassy areas can be sprayed with a non-toxic goose repellentthat will disagree with the birds’ taste buds and send them looking for better tasting feeding grounds. Several other bird removal techniques are available that work to scare birds away from the property and encourage them to relocate elsewhere. Scare methods take advantage of the goose’s natural fear of predators or harm. Creating the sense of danger in the environment frequented by the geese will send them packing to less frightening surroundings.

Bright colors and the eyes of a predator may work to get rid of birds and geese in concentrated areas like pools, lakeside docks, or patios. One inexpensive solution might be placing large colorful PVC scare balloons with predator-like eye decals randomly around the affected area. Geese become confused and uncomfortable and leave looking for a less threatening location.

Lakeside properties and open areas may require more real-life goose deterrents. Life-like plastic coyote decoys can be installed at the birds’ common entry points, convincing them to move along before they enter. Moving these decoys from one entry point to another every few weeks will trick the geese into thinking this is a real threat and not a permanent fixture.

A motion-activated sprinkler device can be installed and programmed to release a spray of water when large birds like geese come near the property. This is used in conjunction with a common garden hose and works quite well to keep geese away from the area before they even land.

Some geese respond better to the sound of fellow geese in distress. Weatherproof outdoor programmable goose sound systems are available that can be set to broadcast a specific goose call of danger. The call lasts for two minutes and repeats at set intervals, disturbing the birds and activating their natural instinct to flee.

Whether the geese are scouting for new territory, or have found a comfortable place to call home, any of these goose deterrent methodsused alone or in combination, can offer property owners peace of mind and useful, safe and non-toxic bird control.

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